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This is a project that was done as a part of the undergraduate senior capstone project. The project aims to explore the possibility of increasing teenage public transit ridership through the use of social media.

The project was conceived in collaboration with OneBusAway.org, a transit tool that riders can use to help their commute by providing real-time information on arrival times and schedules. We conducted meetings and interviews regularly throughout the project, initially to gather the requirements for the project, and then to give regular updates and receive valuable feedback.

I and my team went to a local high school in the Greater Seattle area to conduct surveys and focus groups over the period of several weeks; in addition, we also conducted an interview with a transit expert and an extensive literary review of peer-reviewed academic papers on the subject. From this data gathering process, we were able to find valuable information on how teens use the public transit system.

We then analyzed the data and were able to come up with a proposed solution which was then taken back to the high school as a wireframe prototype to be presented in a focus group of students for feedback and opinion.

At the end of the project, the team was able to report the qualitative and quantitative findings in the research, as well as a proposed solution in the form of a low-fidelity prototype.



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