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I did the University of Washington student calendar project as a quarter-long group effort in an advanced database class. The main objective was to design and implement a robust database system the would be an improvement over the existing calendar system.

The project group started off by researching and analyzing existing calendar systems, including the University's own calendar system, with the main objective to recognizing the shortcomings of those systems and how the unique environment of students, professors, and classes can be better accommodated.

Based on the findings and through brainstorming, the team then formulated an ER diagram, as well as mockups for the front-end interface. We then started to implement the system. The front- and back-ends were developed in parallel to optimize the time needed for the project.

The database back-end of the calendar has to account for 3 types of users, namely students, faculty, and university staff, as well as classes and events within the classes. The architecture also enables sharing of events between users, as well as automatic addition of class schedules into a user's calendar.



Technology used:

Entity-Relationship Diagram