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For a little less than a year I was working at Addmapp, a small tech startup in the Seattle Area. The startup was building a location-based mashup web application that aimed to connect users and businesses.

I joined the startup during its earliest days, and started working together with the team to formulate requirements and architecture for the company's web application based with the aim of giving users the best user experience possible, while also fully supporting the company's business model. We also formulated the requirements for the system to be scalable to future growth.

My task in the project was to implement a database system that can support the deployment of Google APIs that were going to be used in the mashup web application. I also participated in the integration of the APIs to our system. I also implemented PHP web services that queried data from the database and communicated to the user interface via AJAX.

I also actively participated in meetings and brainstorming on how to design and implement a user-friendly and intuitive front-end interface in the web application. This is an especially good experience for me, since I am able to use my knowledge of both technical implementation and user experience principles.



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